End User License Agreement (EULA)

  1. The ICONIT Lite (the “App”) is provided by MEDIASEEK, inc.(“MEDIASEEK”). You shall be acknowledged that you agree to this EULA before downloading, installing and using the App. You shall not use the App without agreeing to this EULA. When you download, install or use the App, it is deemed that you agree to this EULA.
  2. Using the App will require packet communication fees. You are recommended to hire flat-rate packet communication service for avoiding high communication fees.
  3. All copyrights or any other intellectual property rights regarding the App shall vest in MEDIASEEK or other authorized rights holders. You shall not reprint, duplicate, modify or archive the App without prior permission of MEDIASEEK.
  4. You shall not infringe or invade any rights of MEDIASEEK and other rights holders and shall not do any action which possibly lead to such infringement or invasion.
  5. MEDIASEEK may, at its discretion, stop providing all or part of the App, or may terminate or disable your account without any compensation to you. MEDIASEEK may stop providing the App when you breach any of this EULA and you shall not use the App after the day of such stop.
  6. MEDIASEEK may modify, add function, feature and provision to, change or discontinue the App and this EULA. When you use the App after the change of this EULA, such change shall apply to your usage of the App, and you shall be deemed to have agreed to such change.
  7. You shall not transfer or assign any of your rights and obligations regarding this EULA to third party.
  8. You shall agree that the App is provided only for non-commercial use and personal purpose.
  9. You shall use the App at your own risk and responsibility. You shall agree that you only have responsibility to any and all acts, results and damage incurred by your using the App.
  10. MEDIASEEK does not guarantee that the App will function without interruption or errors in functioning. The operation of the App may be interrupted or unavailable due to undefined incidents. You shall use the App at your own risk and agree that the use of the App is on an “as-is” basis without any warranty. MEDIASEEK disclaims all liability to correct any errors or malfunctioning of the App.
  11. Upon your usage of the App. MEDIASEEK may acquire usage record and device information for the purpose including improvement of user-experience and function.
  12. If you are legally infant, you shall use the App after having parental consent. When you use the App, it is deemed that you have parental consent.
  13. When you have damage for reasons attributable to MEDIASEEK upon your usage of the App, MEDIAEEK will compensate such damage within a limit of five hundred (500) Japanese Yen. Such limitation shall not apply when such damage is incurred by willful failure or gross negligence of MEDIAEEK.
  14. All legal relationship between MEDIASEEK and you, including EULA, shall be governed and construed in accordance with laws of Japan in all aspects of validity, construction and performance thereof without reference to conflicts of laws principles.
  15. All disputes between you and MEDIASEEK shall be settled by faithful mutual consultation. Upon failure of such consultation, it shall be submitted to the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summery Court in Japan.
  16. When MEDIASEEK has a need to acquire sensitive information, MEDIASEEK will process such sensitive information in accordance with appropriate rules.