Let's make original ICON! ICONIT MANAGER

SCAN it, ICON it, and GET it! QR and Barcodes bring you everything!

You can scan both QR and EAN code by ICONIT

Great Scan Accuracy is second to none

You can use ICONIT to scan any QR/EAN code around no problem, also you can scan design QR code which was hard to scan by other Scanner.

Also you can scan from pictures you took before.

※For iOS, Clip board is working too.

Scan by ICONIT

QR code

QR code

EAN code

EAN code

Design QR code

Design QR code

※ Above JAN code is just a sample and does not represent an actual product.

※ Design QR codes with too much decorations may have trouble in scanning.

Create ICON when scanned code

ICON will change by scanned information

Scanned QR/EAN code will save as ICON at ICON List.
If you save QR code for membership log in page or Item EAN code as ICON at ICON List. You can access to them quickly and easily.

No limit of ICON types

ICONIT will create several type of ICON by what is the original scanned type.

For some of QR/EAN code creates original ICONIT ICON. These ICON is called Official ICON and different actions were set in the ICON like Image, Video, eBook, PDF, and many others.

Let's get Official ICON

Get by scanning

You can get the Official ICON by scanning the QR/EAN code from posters or magazine.You may find the information that where you can find these QR/EAN code at in app ICONIT ICON, Twitter, or Facebook.


Get the Official ICON from the app

From ICON List
Official ICON can be get from Info Bar at ICON List, Page List, Recommendation page, or Search.

※For iOS, Info Bar will show on top of screen.
※For Android, Info Bar will show on bottom of screen.

From Recommendation
In the Recommendation page, some of chosen ICON is showed by large banner.

Let's make original ICON! AppCMS ICONIT ICON Manager

Promote by ICON

Don't you want your Original ICON?
One QR code be use any where like on the poster or on store menu.
You DON NOT NEED reprint even you change action in the ICON. QR CODE will be same as before. Let's start ICON promotion by ICONIT!

Easy to share the Address

Exchange Address by QR

For normal cell phone you could use IR communication to share address, but most of Smartphone doesn't have it.

For ICONIT, you can create the QR from your profile to exchange with others.
Also normal cell phone QR code reader can read it too! No matter what kind of cell phone your friends have you can exchange your profile information.

※You need to register your profile before create QR code.

Easy to share address by ICONIT

For exchange profile ICON, when one side scan other side QR, automatically other side ICON will create on the ICON List. On the user ICON it shows not only profile, you can send message, picture, text, and send ICON which you have in your ICON List.

※ You need to set your Profile before exchange.

※ For some Official ICON has copy protection.

Let's make
original QR code

At 「Create QR」 not only profile, you can easily create Tel Info, text and few other QR code.

※For Android, you can create bookmark QR for some of browser.

New way to communicate

ICONIT ICON can be LIVE updated. For Official ICON, you can promote your item. For friend ICON, you can send message, picture, or recommend other ICON.

Also if you use 「Smart Flyer」 from PLUS Corp, QR which connect with your original ICON is printed. For this ICON, you have access to special CMS to update your information any time you want to. Evan you move office or change phone number, you don't have to contact everyone who you exchange business card.

※ 「Smart Flyer」 is PLUS Corporation trademark.

※ Non Smart Flyer business card QR will save as normal address icon.